The RY Private Collections team discovered a treasure trove of knowledge from the panelist at the 2018 Northwest Jewelry Conference. Meet our favorites below.

Hazel Forsyth

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Hazel Forsyth is a Senior Curator of Medieval and Post-Medieval Collections at the Museum of London. She’s also an authority on the Cheapside Hoard, a once buried treasure of over 500 pieces of Elizabethan and Jacobean jewelry discovered beneath a building floor in London’s Cheapside area in 1912.

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Amanda Triossi

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Amanda Triossi, F.G.A. (Fellow Gemmological Association of Great Britain) is a jewelry historian, author, consultant to luxury goods companies and an independent lecturer on the history of jewelry design. She was associated with Sotheby’s in London and Geneva, 1986-2000.

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Peter Shemovsky

 Classically trained as a designer, goldsmith and platinum smith, Peter spent early years on the bench creating custom jewelry and restoring antique jewelry. He’s currently the Lead Valuation Manager at The Real Real in San Francisco.

He’s a founding faculty member of NWJC, author of the Antique Jewelry course of the International Society of Appraisers and taught period jewelry courses for Northwest Gemological Institute.

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Mary Hu

Mary Lee Hu enjoyed a career as both an artist and an educator. Her signature design style combining fiber art techniques with metal materials has led to significant recognition in both the academic and design worlds. Mary’s art has appeared around the world in exhibit since 1967.

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Diana Singer is President of D & E Singer, buyers and sellers of estate jewelry and gemstones based in New York, NY. She’s a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and currently President of the American Society of Jewelry Historians.

A founding member of the Women’s Jewelry Association, Diana presents at industry events and has been published in trade publications including Rapaport Diamonds, GIA Magazine and JCK.

A quick peek at the collaboration between Rhoma Young and her photographer Ryan Darcy at a photo shoot last year.


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The Evolution of the Earring

Enjoy shopping for and discovering unique and beautiful earrings? Up your game with expert knowledge shared by Rhoma Young in this video below.

In under ten minutes, become something of an expert on earrings with help of Rhoma Young, a lifelong explorer, passionate collector and expert in unique and exceptional antique jewelry.

The Hillsborough Arts+Antiques+Design 2018 Spring Show

Another warm and sunny spring in San Mateo, CA and in Booth 506. Rhoma Young and her associates gladly shared knowledge and assisted in try-ons of the European-flavored
RY Private Collections booth. 

Check out these display cases...



Our world is always changing as is the world of exceptional jewelry, arts and antiques. Last fall, RY Private Collections attended the San Francisco Fall Arts & Antiques Show and experienced how a long-running event morphs into a contemporary NOW event. Enjoy a walk through the creative and inspiring mini-worlds of the new 2017 SF Fall Arts & Antiques show.


In Process at RY Private Collections

November 26, 2017

In collaboration with other collectors and dealers, Rhoma's begun a new project to write a   pictorial book on wonderful bracelets through time. Straightforward history, narrative and descriptions will discuss the evolving story of bracelet style.  We'll update with more in 2018.

What's your favorite style of bracelet?

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Hillsborough Antiques + Art + Design Show

November 10, 2017 

Peek into the RY Private Collections booth at this year's Hillsborough Antiques + Art + Design show.