November's Birthstone

The perfect colors for a late fall birthday are the found in the November birthstones of citrine and topaz.


Topaz is the more common gemstone associated with November and comes in a variety of yellow hues. The name topaz comes from the Greek name for St. John's Island located in the Red Sea, Topazios. This is because yellow gems were mined on this island, however they were likely not topaz.

Topaz picks up its bright yellow color from impurities, as with most gems. In pure form, topaz is colorless but can take on a variety of colors dependent on certain impurities.

A large chunk of the topaz in the world comes from Brazil, and it's also produced in Australia, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Germany, and the United States. Although topaz has been used in many forms for thousands of years, the term was widely used for any light-yellow gem and hence most references to topaz in history could be other gems.

September's Birthstone - Sapphire

Those born in September born enjoy the sapphire as their birthstone.


Similar to a ruby, a sapphire is a variety of corundum that adorns a deep blue color. The name sapphire comes from the Latin word for "blue stone," sapphirus. The sapphire is a strong and sturdy gemstone, registering a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamond is a 10). Thanks to this hardness, your sapphire birthstone is unlikely to get scratched, it also means this gem is useful for industrial that take heavy wear and tear.

You can find deep blue sapphires from Kashmir in India, which is known for producing some of the best sapphires in the world. Sapphires can also be found in Australia and Madagascar. The corundum takes on the blue coloring from trace amounts of both titanium and iron.

July's Birthstone - The Ruby

Those born in July have the opulent ruby as their birthstone. Your zodiac sign can be either Cancer (June 21-July 22) or Leo (July 23-August 22).


Ruby is a variety of corundum, which is then colored to a deep red coloring by chromium. The name of ruby comes from the Latin word for red, rubeus.

One of the most famous locations for rubies is the Mogok Valleyin Burma, known for its deep blood red colored rubies. You can also find rubies in the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

Not surprising, the ruby is known to represent life and blood and is known to increase courage. In fact, warriors in Burma would implant rubies into their skin before battle for protection and courage on the battlefield.