What This Fall Fashion Means for Jewelry

Check out the most recent issues of Vogue or their fashion on line. Fashion continues to evolve in a wide array of directions. Puffy silhouettes, pleats, beige, primary colors, the classic “shirt” and clunky shoes. The trend for wearing a single earrings or two that are not matched continues, as does the focus on more colorful and dramatic men’s attire.

Imagination, new designers and creativity are drawing a different picture of what fashion is, can be and how far it can go. The increasing environment consciousness is impacting choice of fabric, sustainability and reuse. Look at it as a stage with lots of choices and fodder for the occasional celebration of Halloween costume.

This means jewelry, as a fashion accessory can be big and colorful, classic and tailored, ethnic, dramatic, reflecting technology and tradition. Gold (in many tones), silver, acrylic, steel and even woven fabric accompany and highlight the fashion statements by both newer and more establishes designers.