Jewelry is Art and Fashion

 RY Private Collections is all about the selection process.

A process that highlights quality, design uniqueness,
and history of craftsmanship, bringing a
unique edge to this collection.


Citrine Earrings.jpg

Beautifully proportioned, high-quality citrine earrings of the 19th century. Very much in the Georgian style, they hang gracefully and are in chanting on the ear.Part of a set, including a necklace and bracelet.RY Original Collection. (Price Range B)

RY-2018-08-31-IMG-302 copy.jpg

Beautiful hard stone cameo with the back stone in an extremely unusual modern color. The framing is exceptional, and perfectly proportioned for fine carving on the cameo. 19th century. (Price Range B)

RY-2018-08-31-IMG-002 copy.jpg

An exceptionally unique cameo with its round faceted citrine and natural brilliance. Made only more so by the 14 karat gold ornate setting hanging from waving golden bow. An RY Signature Collection piece that melds tradition and richness., (Price Group B)


Amethyst faceted ring surrounded by diamonds in an antique setting, from a Georgian Lake George and early Victorian pin. Re-purposed re-styled as a contemporary ring. (Price Group B)


Lovely repousse, hand done, finished Asian silver bowl,the late 19th, early 20th century. Wonderful for spring blooms. (Price Group A)

Classic rounded hand hammered, early 20th century silver bowl that is simple, elegant and textured. (Price Group A)