Jewelry is Art and Fashion.


RY Private Collections is all about the selection process.

A process that highlights quality, taste, design uniqueness,
and history of craftsmanship, bringing a
unique edge to this collection.


RY_J_07_-0385 copy.jpg

Architectural in style, sliver and cool in tone, and stunning on the wrist. Elegance and intricacy meld. RY Original Collection. (Price Range A)

RY_J_04-0161 copy.jpg

Delicate layers of gold rest between hammered, blackened layers of iron to then rest beautifully on the neck. Gold  fronds adorn the surface of this contemporary and fashion forward necklace. Designed by Jaclyn Davidson. (Price Range D).

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 6.52.09 PM.png

Handmade silver orchid capturing the light from many angles. Studio piece from the 20th Century. (Price Range A)


The Classics captured in this banded agate cabochon ring. A natural hollow in the agate allows light to filter through. (Price Range B)